Oct 25, 2015

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Top Forex Trading Platform [REVIEWED] – Etoro

This is our independent review of the etoro trading platform:

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Sep 6, 2015

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Financial Forums – Intended for WHAT?

Forums are places on the internet where you can discuss topics with people on the internet that happen to have the same interest that you do. If you also have questions, you can post your question in the appropriate forum for any answers. Forums have moderators. It is their task to oversee the flow of the forum and the participants are abiding to the rules. They have the ability to remove any rude or unrelated posts, lock threads from any further discussions and remove spam posts too.

Online Forums Guide

Online Forums

There are things though that you need to consider before you join a forum. Forums can be accessed by the public so there could be language barriers that you need to think of when posting. Forums also revolve around a specific topic, so do not randomly post one. It is important to join a forum topic that you are interested in. Forums are also a good source of information that is relevant to what you need. And if you have an effective signature link on your post, you can have more backlinks. It will also increase traffic. There is the possibility of making new contact with the other members which can benefit both parties.

Just like any other place, forums also have etiquettes that you have to observe. The term for this is netiquette. Netiquette covers rules that will maintain civility in the discussions and is a special guideline unique to the nature of the forum messages. Here are some tips on netiquette that you should know.

  • Stay on the topic. Again, forums discuss specific topics. So post messages that are related to the topic.
  • Avoid being a troll. A troll refers to a person who does not follow netiquette regularly. They post messages that are inflammatory (these are called flames) when they respond to user of the forum. Trolls also dig up older threads that are flame-filled.
  • Avoid typing in capital letters because they are perceived as shouting. So it is downright rude.
  • No double posting. It is very annoying to see the same message posted two or more times. If you do not get any replies to your post, then just leave it as is.
  • Search before you start posting in the forum by using the forum search. This will ensure that the question that you want to ask has not yet been posted.

There are a lot of forums out there and it is important that you find the right one just for you. For example if you are interested in forums related to finance, then you can look up forums on it and preferably ones that are specific to your area. So if you happen to be in UK and is interested in finance forums, then here is a list of forums you might want to look at:

  • com
  • House Price Cash forum
  • co.uk
  • Cashloopholes
  • LegalBEAGLES
  • co.uk
  • SharesForum
  • co.uk
  • UK Credit Card and Finance Forums
  • Ai-StockMarketForum.com


Forums are meant to be a place for discussing a topic with people that have the same interest as you do. It is also a means of making new contacts and it is meant to be fun. Find the right forum for your needs and you will be surprised of the things that you could learn and the people you might come across.

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Aug 20, 2015

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Forex Trading For Beginners – A Newbie Friendly Guide

forex trading guide

Newbie forex trading guide

Forex trading sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be that way if you are truly serious with your approach. With the right broker, platform and tools to use, you can learn forex trading in no time. Forex trading is one of the most volatile and fastest financial markets when it comes to trading. The money you make can either be lost or made in just a matter of seconds. And at the same time, the currencies can show significant trends that may last for either several days, weeks or even years. The most important thing to know about forex is that it is constantly moving, thus providing access and which is rich in target in the trading environment.


Choosing A Forex Brokerage Firm

You want to work with a broker that has good trading executions. This is one of the keys you need to keep in mind when you evaluate their reliability and speed in trading executions. Are you able to consistently trade with the price you are trying for? And if you a trader tries to sell and that the request of their trade fails followed by an offer of a lower price, this probably means that the trader has been requoted. This means that the trader has been trading in a wider spread compared to what they have bargained for. Think about the price improvement offer of the broker if they are on limit orders. For the case of stop-loss orders, the execution quality of the brokerage firm comes to the number of slippage that has been experienced when the prices have gap or that there are news announcements. The question you need to ask when you expect a bit of slippage on the stop-loss order is how much?

Try to find out how the orders are filed exactly. This is in accordance to your take-profit or stop loss orders. Is the stop-loss sell order going to be filled when its bid price is going to match the stop price? Are the stops going to be guaranteed? If this is the case, are there going to be any exceptions to the guarantees? If there are limited orders, what is the policy for it? Any reputable broker will give a clearly defined execution policies posted in their website, free to read by those who visit.

You do not want to work with a brokerage firm that is not available 24 hours. Since forex is a market that runs in 24 hours 5 days a week, the customer support should be available in the same way. Try to find out whether or not you can access their customer support either through chat, email or phone? Are the representatives of the firm licensed and even knowledgeable? If your a complete beginner check out: the forex trading for beginners course. The quality of the representatives can be different from one firm to another, so it is important that you experience their customer support first hand before you even commit to opening an account with them. Lastly, find out if the firm is regulated and that they have solid financials.

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Jun 25, 2015

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FAP turbo 2 Review

Fap turbo 2FAP turbo 2 is a automated Forex trading robot, designed to be highly beginner friendly. It was created a couple of years ago but this is the 2.0 version and hence a re-release has occurred.

We are currently in the process of testing this robot but if you want some more information and a review quicker, there is another in depth review at: http://eliteforextrading.com/top-fx-trading-robots-review/ so if you’re looking for any more information then head over to elite forex for more info.

If you want to get in touch with us about any questions regarding robots in general, we test multiple robots every month and will be happy to answer any questions and concerns you have.

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May 28, 2015

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Tips for Forex Robots


A Forex robot can be an effective tool when conducting Forex trading. It’s also referred to as an Expert Advisor (EA). The robot is an automated system that’s designed on the Forex trading platform MetaTrader 4. Over 100 Forex brokers worldwide offer the MT-4 platform for their clients. Here are some tips for the robots:

Tip #1: Robots are usually programmed to conduct trades automatically

This means that the user isn’t required to make any choices about trading. When the robot has been properly programmed, it can manage every aspect of a trader’s operations.


There are a few main reasons why the robots have become popular. One is that they eliminate the main weaknesses that prevent traders from maximizing their profits, such as human emotions. Another key feature is that once the robot has been programmed, it does all the work basically. Of course, the key is that the robot is indeed programmed correctly. Otherwise it won’t be an effective Forex tool.

Tip #2: Choose a robot that best meets your needs

A Forex robot will be selected to turn a profit, but this differs for different people. You might be interested in making $100, $1,000, or $10,000 a week. Always keep your risk tolerance in mind. The greater the reward, the greater the risk.

After considering this issue, you should also look for a robot that mirrors your trading style. Which factors does it consider when being programmed? This will also help you to choose the best robot.


Tip #3: Consider the cost in terms of time and money

This is another issue to consider when choosing a Forex robot. Robots have various price tags, based on several factors such as the seller, the features available, etc. It’s important to consider this factor when choosing a robot. Another key factor is the amount of time that will be needed to program and maintain the robot. Certain robots will require more time than others, so it’s critical to consider this factor.


Tip #4: Consider the factors of a trending/ranging market

This should be another key issue to consider when choosing a Forex robot. While certain robots might perform well during a trending market, it might be a totally different story during a ranging market. That’s why it’s critical to do some research before you choose a robot, to determine which one is ideal for your Forex trading needs.


Tip #5: A sustainable robot is better

It’s advisable to conduct some backward and forward testing in various market conditions, to determine how sustainable a particular robot is. If the profits are sustained, then it’s a “robust” robot. Also, remember that past results never indicate how the robot will perform in the future. Keep in mind that this testing should be conducted by the vendor, before you conduct your own testing. A Forex broker can demonstrate how to conduct such testing.


If you are pleased with the robot at this point, then it’s time to run it on a “micro account.” Then you’ll verify that you’re risking minimal money by integrating the robot in your Forex trading.

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May 28, 2015

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Tips for Forex Platforms


Platforms aren’t just something to stand on. In the world of finance, a trading platform is a computer software program that can be used to place orders for Forex currencies, over a network. This allows electronic trading to be conducted by users while they’re at any location, and is contrasted with traditional floor trading.  Here are some facts related to choosing a Forex platform:

Fact #1: the platform provides important data to the user

This includes all sorts of data, including quotes, charts, etc. The platform/software can be based locally, meaning that it’s installed on the trader’s computer, and then used in tandem with a standard OS. Another option is to use a web-based platform. These platforms are operated via the web language Java. As expected, both means have their pros and cons. While web-based platforms can be used on any CPU that has Internet access, the service is often free, and often below the capabilities of offline platforms.

Another good site for forex is Inc.com or the software reviews on eliteforextrading.com 

Fact #2: An effective platform provides critical data

trade_platform_client_termWhether a Forex platform is local or web-based, what’s critical is that it provides critical information to the user. It should basically serve as a middleman between the Forex trader and Forex broker. The platforms should also provide real-time and historical data, including data that’s needed to trade Forex effectively.


Third-party Forex trading is yet another option that’s often used by traders and brokers. The reason is that broker’s platforms often include an Application Program Interface (API). This allows traders to use third-party software into the platform.


Fact #3: Consider what the Forex platform provides

You’ll be able to choose the best platform for your needs by learning about the nuts and bolts of different platforms available. For example, is a particular platform a paid or free type? If it’s free, can you upgrade to a paid version? What indicators are available through the charting component of the platform? What historical data does the software provide? Does the platform provide historical data to users?


These are all critical questions to ask before choosing a particular platform. There’s no “right” or “wrong” platform per se. What’s important is to choose one that best suits your particular Forex trading needs.


Tip #4: Consider technical issues

This is yet another way to choose the best Forex platform for your needs. The features of a particular platform are certainly critical. However you should also consider various technical aspects of the platform. Is it based on Windows, the Web, Mac, etc.? Is there a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that has a pleasant appearance, or is it too techie? Does the platform include an API that permits extra software or programming? These are all critical issues to consider when choosing a particular platform.


Tip #5: Try out a demo account

Some platform companies offer a demo account during a trial period, before buying a mini account or full account. You should definitely consider this option to determine if a platform is right for your particular Forex needs.

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May 28, 2015

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Tips for Forex Signals


In the world of Forex trading, forex signals are one of the key components. It’s a suggestion for conducting a trade on a “currency pair” of two Forex countries, usually at a particular price and time. A Forex robot or a human analyst generates the signal. It’s important to note that timing is everything in relation to these signals. For that reason, they are usually sent quickly, through various means such as SMS, Tweets, etc. Here are some helpful tips about the use of the signals:


Tip #1: Know the Forex signals

As always, it’s critical to know the different terminology, in order to give you the best chance at maximizing your profits via Forex. Here are some of the main types of signals that you could receive during trading:


OB/OS: The currency has been oversold/overbought when an indicator hits a certain level


Forex-Signal-ProvidersPartial Buy/See: This signal basically informs an investor to buy or sell a particular forex currency. This will minimize the risk of high-risk currency pairs. It is also advising to hold a portion of the currency because the high volatility of the currency pair could skyrocket at any moment. Usually a Volume indicator is paired with it.


SL/TP: This refers to stop-loss/take-profit. It’s the point at which the prediction system starts a suggestion to stop loses during a trending currency pair that’s moving in a downward direction. It could also be suggested to take the profits that a currency pair in an upward trend is generating.


Volatility: This is a statistical measurement and is usually located on a line graph. It measures the frequency/tendency of a specific currency pair to have high rises/low falls within a short time period. The volatility essentially examines how uncertain a particular Forex exchange pair is.


Tip #2: Nothing in life is 100%

It’s important to remember this fact when conducting Forex trading. In particular, be cautious of any company that offers 100% guarantees for their Forex signal service. Remember that the signals are mere suggestions, so it’s always up to the user to ultimately make the final decision. So the risk is strictly in the hands of the user or trader.


Tip #3: Get and act on signals quickly

Some Forex companies offer signals on a weekly basis, but it’s better to get them daily or weekly. This will give you the best chance at maximizing your profits in the industry, since all of the data is extremely time-sensitive. It is also important to act on a particular forex alert signal ASAP. However, you should also double-check your current charts to verify that the signal is proper. It’s also important that the information that you’re receiving is clear data.


Tip #4: Keep in mind that the signals are suggestions

The Forex signals are not definite instructions, which is something you should keep in mind. After receiving the signals, you have the ability to hold, buy, trade, or sell your stocks based on the data that you have received. Usually the signals are easy to read, which will make your decisions easier.

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